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Whether you are a new listener to radio or an avid long-term fan, our radios please all audiences. Need a radio to master the outdoors while you are out Gardening, Hunting, Fishing, enjoying a cup of tea overlooking a beautiful sunset or just taking a Nature walk? C.Crane has been working hard at the drawing board for over 30 years now and it’s all because of YOU! When our customers suggest to tweak something or add another component, we listen and produce exactly what you were looking for each and every time!

In this day, one can buy the first flashy thing they see and never know where it came from or what team is behind this product. When you invest in one of our radios, you know the idea came from our owner Bob Crane along with his trusty team of Research & Development and Head Technicians. Coupled with our knowledgeable friendly staff of Customer Support Specialists, Shipping & Warehouse crew, Expert Technicians, Quality Control, and more, C. Crane is eager to continually make our customers happy with only the BEST quality product they can buy.

Here are some reasons to shop with us:

  • C. Crane Provides Excellent Customer Service and Technical Support for the Lifetime of your product. Trained Staff and Experts for all your questions and needs.
  • C. Crane Brand is Reliable, Building Radios for over 30 years
  • C. Crane Provides Quality, Our Ambassador overseas that ensures Quality Control for every Shipment. Our products are also tested by our Expert Technicians when it arrives at our headquarters in Fortuna, CA.
  • Built for Long Range Reception, WiFi Antenna Systems are designed to receive and deliver a signal at long ranges. Some of our radios include the patented Twin Coil Ferrite Antenna for Superb AM reception.  No other radio in the world has this antenna design.
  • All Radios carry a 1-year Warranty and 60-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • C. Crane designs their radios with ease of use in mind with push button controls and switches that are easy to understand and use.
  • Our customers are impressed by the AM sensitivity, audio clarity and fullness of the sound quality.

We may be small in numbers but our passion is mighty! Nestled among the tall Redwood trees in Northern California, you will find a dedicated team who will answer all your questions with a smile. We welcome you to stop by and check out our Long Range Radios (Emergency, WiFi, AM/FM, Weather, Aviation, Single Side Band) Antennas, Audio products and WiFi Antenna Systems.

When Holidays or special occasions arise and you’re not sure what to give that special someone, think of C.Crane first!  https://www.ccrane.com/

We pride ourselves in the value we bring to the table. With so many products out on the market, one must ask themselves, “How will my experience be with this purchase and will the company take care of me when I need them to for any reason.” With C. Crane, we will provide you with a great shopping experience because we care. Happy Listening!

We’d love to see all our Radio fans share what C.Crane radios you are enjoying right now and which was your first C.Crane radio you enjoyed when you first discovered us. Please comment below and share.