One of the things we’ve found about being in a rural, remote location with service limitations is that there is a lot of interest in “off the grid” living. Sometimes this is by choice for sustainability or a desire to be independent of public resources, other times, it’s out of necessity due to financial or physical constraints.

C. Crane has always promoted alternative energy especially when it saves money.  We currently work with Six Rivers Solar, here in Humboldt County, where they use some of our WiFi equipment such as our CC Vector Long Range WiFi Repeater System for one of their newest packages designed around off the grid living or situations where power is not easily accessible.

Below is a video explaining the new system and how C. Crane products are used within the system.

CONGRATULATIONS Fred Hildesheim for winning a brand new CC Solar Observer And 5V AC Adapter! Thanks to all who participated. We value our C. Crane fans! Its refreshing to know so many people are conscious of ways of making a big impact with small changes in living in harmony with Mother Earth. See you next contest!