Solutions for the Sleepless


We’ve all been there. It’s bed time and you look at the clock and 15 minutes have passed but you’re still wide awake. Tick-tock, tick- tock, you look at the clock again…..10 minutes have passed and you’re no closer to sleep. Now you’re getting frustrated and anxious. You need to fall asleep and the more you think about it the less likely you are to nod off . You know your partner is unknowingly rubbing it in by being sound asleep, but you decide to start World War Three by turning on your radio (or Kindle or iPhone) so you can distract your thoughts and finally get some much-needed sleep.  Sound familiar?

If so, we have some solutions for you.

Our first option is the SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker – This little device is also known as the marriage saver.  It is soft enough that you can lay directly on the plush covered speaker or you can place it under your pillow. Plug it directly into the headphone jack of your device and you can listen to whatever you want without waking your partner.  Now you’ve avoided World War Three and you’ve gotten to fall asleep (or at least learned something interesting) making tomorrow a much better day than it would have been otherwise. We have this version of pillow speaker available with a volume control.

Our newest solution in the struggle for slumber is the Amplified Pillow Speaker.  We created it based upon feedback from users of the original SoftSpeakers and it is designed to overcome limitations with newer technology. We’d heard from many of our customers that the devices they were plugged into such as iPads, Kindles, iPhones, Chromebooks, etc. were “too quiet” or “barely audible”.  This has even been a problem for some radio listeners. This prompted us to create an amplified version to allow you to listen at a volume that works for you, even when the device you’re using wants to limit the loudness. Whether the issue is your device or the fact that your ears don’t work the way they used to, the Amplified SoftSpeaker Pillow Speaker will allow you to get rid of the earbuds and the frustration of getting tangled up and enjoy your audio books, Netflix or radio show at the volume you prefer.

If you aren’t sure which solution is right for you, please call us and we’d be happy to walk you through making a selection.

Getting a good night’s sleep may be more important than you think.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, there are many negative health effects from inadequate sleep ranging from unsafe driving to heart disease. Listening to 45 minutes of music before falling asleep relaxes your parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body relax. Sleep is such a hot topic, Oprah’s O Magazine had an entire section dedicated to it in January’s issue.

Enter to win! Do you listen to something to help you fall asleep at night? Please tell us in the comments below and be entered to win the Pillow Speaker of your choice. Drawing to be held February 20th. Please one entry per person.

189 Responses to “Solutions for the Sleepless”

  1. Sue Says:

    I listen to Coast to Coast on my echo dot. A pillow speaker would be nice.

  2. terry stollings Says:

    coast to coast is the way to go.

  3. Mike Pullen Says:

    I’ve had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep since childhood. I’ve listened to talk radio, old radio programs and music since the days of Ira Blue on KGO in San Francisco (mid 60’s) and pillow speakers are the best thing to come out in all that time. The volume can be kept discreet enough to not wake me up or disturb my wife.

  4. DJ Burton Says:

    Can’t sleep without coast 2 coast.

  5. Terrell Hamilton Says:

    I use my iphone and listen to Midnight in the Desert, but don’t like to leave it on ALL night, and the audio isn’t really that great, so I think this speaker solution would be the answer.

  6. Gary Swartzlander Says:

    I use my Sony icf 76000 and listen to am at night coast to coast am. Etc.

  7. Pamela Fritz Says:

    I listen to ocean waves. I put on a continual loop, so no stops. Unlike the radio, no commercials!
    p,s, I love the beautiful quilt blocks appearing on the right of each response. Someone must be a quilter at C.Crane!

  8. Paul Says:

    I record podcasts onto my CC Witness to put me to sleep. The CC Witness allows audio variations, sufficient audio and can be set for automatic shut-off. A great little device!

  9. Mark Wayer Says:

    I listen to audio books to help distract me and fall asleep.

  10. Heather Vance Says:

    Yes I always listen to music on my phone or TV until I fall asleep. It would be great to have a pillow speaker, then I wouldn’t worry about distracting others.

  11. ken kenmuir Says:

    I listen coast to coast

  12. Ellen Crosby Says:

    I always listen to George Noorey Coast to Coast. Also re-runs of Art Bell. Also WBZ. I don’t know how I lived without my night time RadioTalk Shows. Thank you C Crane. Ellen

  13. Donald Johnson Says:

    I go to sleep listening to Public Radio International, National Public Radio, or CBC at night.

  14. Richard Kraus Says:

    When I was around 9 or 10 I recieved a crystal radio kit for Christmas. My bed springs were my ground. Reception at night was very good. I listened to WOR NY. I fell asleep listening to Gene Shepard, Bob and Ray and others. Now with my CC I Radio many of the old radio programs are back. I feel back in my younger days laying in bed at night. It isn’t until morning when I wake and the aches and pains of old age return that I feel let down.

    • Thomas Snow Says:

      I also started to listen to Gene Shepard at aabout 9 yrs old and I still listen to him on insomniac theatre on my internet radio

  15. Steve moreno Says:

    I listen to my CC Pocket radio every night to fall asleep. What’s weird is I fall asleep to rock and roll. I also go thru a lot of AA batteries cause there is not a timer on my radio..

  16. Miriam Turner Says:

    Coast to Coast puts me to sleep even if I would want to hear more of it. I am buying your radio so would love to win the Pillow Speaker .

  17. JACK WOODS Says:

    99% of the time I go to sleep with the RED EYE RADIO using my pillow speaker so it does not bother my wife. Years ago that was a problem until a friend told me of the “pillow speaker”. Boy that was great. Purchased one from another supplier and it did not last very long. Purchased the PILLOW SPEAKER from CCCrane and it has been used every night and the speaker and cord is still like new!

  18. Arlene J Reed Says:

    I listen to Coast to Coast, and that seems to do the trick, sometimes, would love the pillow speaker. Terri Reed

  19. nancy ellis Says:

    I have your plastic pillow speaker, and sometimes it goes in and out, don’t know if the wires are crimped, but most the time it works good, but I think the new one would be much better, I hope to get one sometime. but I too go to bed with COAST TO COAST and then I konk out and I wake up , then back to bed and the radio in my ear, and out I go again. but some times there are things I just want to hear and hope I don’t fall asleep…ha. but I just take a nap later on. I have really enjoyed your electronic items you have made up, and am grateful for your business. someday I hope to have one of your radio’s (that plugs in). money is limited, and I still work at 81,,,but have appreciate your electronic devices. thanks, I heard about you on coast to coast!!. thanks.

  20. dennis hostetter Says:

    I’m also a Coast to Coast addict/listener/insomniac. i listen(unfortunately and inadvertently so does my wife) on my CC pocket radio. Help my wife of 40 yrs.get a good nights sleep at long last, please!

  21. Steve Says:

    A lifetime listener of the radio before and during sleep. Once married, I had to cut back on this habit until I found a pillow speaker.. Currently, I use Alexa and use her wide range of stations and genres with a pillow speaker. The speaker is not a soft speaker, but has served me well the past three years. Yes, I have purchased many pillow speakers over the years. One was the Crane pillow speaker with the volume control.. The pillow speaker was well used until the cord/speaker would not work. I like viewing the products C.Crane offers, and I own a few.

  22. chris dutro Says:

    I have bought 2 radios from C-CRANE. Who I obviously learned about from “coast to coast” YEARS AGO (10+years?) however living in the bay area I DID NOT need one! cc radios are not close to being cheap Then i moved to (i can hardly admit it) clearlake,ca in a mountainous area 100 north of san francisco & not much closer to sacramento! to the “east” the radio advertisements said that a CC RADIO could PULL IN radio stations that the others CANT! (I remembered this!) my favorite station is weak & only puts out 5,000 watts! ( my station is”VERY” popular with the “SILENT majority” but hated at CC RADIO & the greater bay area ) & to make matters worse i listen at 5:00am (WORST time for reception!!!!) MONEY was & is a “HUGE” issue! but i had NO CHOICE! my first C-CRANE radio was bought 9 months ago & was the EP PRO c-crane’s most INEXPENSIVE RADIO WITH A “TWIN COIL FERRITE” ANTENNA. which is a MUST for my BAD RECEPTION ISSUES! I so wish i had the money for a “digital radio” with this antenna! HOWEVER!!!! this radio DOES PULL IN the san francisco stations including my favorite station that in my state of origin it’s probably no longer safe to announce it? (i was surprised the radio was made in china! i don’t remember art bell telling us that they were? & i thought he mentioned cc-radios being built in the USA? maybe “he meant” that the main office was here in the states?) so 3 weeks ago working in my yard & being Harassed by the “Renters” on both sides of my house (very bad people) I BADLY NEEDED a SMALL RADIO with ear phones to drown out the harassing “renters” & for doing work (home surveillance system) on my FIRST HOME without hearing the “harassment” so i again returned to C-CRANE! however this time I WAS REALLY IMPRESSED!!!! knowing i would be using the “small portable”(pocket) RADIO in the DAYTIME (BETTER RECEPTION) I bought the CC POCKET RADIO! & IT”S BLOWING ME AWAY! i did not expect the “A+” PERFORMANCE & I LOVE IT BEING A DIGITAL RADIO! & the biggest surprise of all is IT WILL PULL IN MY favorite 5,000 watt radio station at 5:00am (although not as well as it’s bigger brother the EP-PRO (& we cant expect it to!) my POCKET RADIO is well built & can TAKE A BEATING! as it must! because i am HARD on it! it’s lock-out is great as all of it’s features! (i wish MY EP-PRO was built as well! but in DEFENSE of the EP-PRO it holds 4 size D alkaline heavy batteries as i PREFER! (the handle broke! & it’s cool ! because it DOES IT”S JOB! in pulling it the weak stations! but once again i really wish i could of afforded a “DIGITAL” EP-PRO! THANK YOU C-CRANE! CHRIS DUTRO,clearlake,ca.

  23. Phyl F. Says:

    This new pillow speaker could be a marriage saver!

  24. Charles Adkins Says:

    I listen to old time radio when trying to sleep. If that doesn’t work I listen to a talking book. Doesn’t seem to matter, any book can send me off to dreamland. In my early years as a Cubs fan, well, lets just say sleep came easy.

  25. Eric Katchmar Says:

    I listen to George Noory -Coast to Coast

  26. Julia Ana Hood Says:

    I listen to coast to coast am every night for the last probably 25+ yrs; since Art ruled the airwaves (love that man!). Its the best education you can get y the cost in great! No student loans to pay back. I have the 2E radio y the Turk reciever and head phones from C .CRANE, which I love! y I sleep so well after c2c is over at 4 am my time zone but a pillow speaker would be a nice addition to my nightly education. Its the only way George y Tom y callers could be any closer! Also listen to Jimmy Church before c2c.

    I have no tv because I want it that way.
    I’m a “radio head” y pc person all the way! I still find Art Bell in cyber space and what a joy that is!

    Happy Chinese New Year today folks y have a great year!

  27. Samuel T. Gulley Says:

    I’ve been a late night radio fan for the last 30+ years or so, dating back to “Larry King Live” I will typically fall asleep within 1-2 hours. There doesn’t seem to be as wide a “variety” as there once was. Too much Negative “political stuff.” Very little informative or intellectual challenge.
    Radio is still the media of promise!

  28. Jodean Harrison Says:

    I didn’t realize so many people fell asleep the same way I did. Didn’t even know there was a pillow speaker.

  29. Renee Fuentes-Garcia Says:

    I can’t explain why but the drone of any talk radio at night is a lullaby to my ears.

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