12 Days of Give Aways!


Today’s giveaway:
$150 Gift Certificate for C. Crane Merchandise

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Today’s question: What is your favorite unique or local holiday tradition?

Congratulations richard t on winning this day’s give away! Thank you to everyone who participated we love reading everyone’s responses. 

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74 Responses to “12 Days of Give Aways!”

  1. Terry L Story Says:

    When you are young, the presents and Santa Claus are what it is all about, but when you are an old goat like me, it is family and recognition of the real value of family and friends that is important and the gifting and indulgences are a much lesser element in the enjoyment of the holidays. That having been said, when I was younger, my Mother made what we in the family termed “Holiday Bread”, and my sister has assumed the chore of making the bread for the family that always looked forward to it! I still love that stuff and look forward to it every year, and I hope that it is one family tradition that will not end, at least util I do! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at CCrane and all over the world!

  2. Travis Lloyd Says:

    That one’s easy! Chooglin’ (as Creedence Clearwater Revival used to say) with all of my friends! Merry Christmas y’all!

  3. Lars Sletten Says:

    Watching”It’s A Wonderful Life” on Christmas morning!!

  4. Troy Riedel Says:

    I enjoy walking in the local Williamsburg VA parade … I’m a volunteer for the local Humane Society and I walk a homeless dog, trying to get it some “publicity” in the parade to find it a home – the best Christmas present a pet (and volunteer) can get!

  5. Paul Seaburn Says:

    Putting Christmas lights on plastic pink flamingos in honor of growing up in Parma, Ohio.

  6. Alexander Rabinovich Says:

    Our annual pilgrimage to spend the holidays with family and friends

  7. Sharad O Says:

    Holiday cookies 🙂

  8. Binkey Barney Says:

    Christmas food – it’s special and only made once a year!

  9. Jim Sherman Says:

    My family has fried oysters for breakfast on Christmas day.

  10. Frank Zupancic Says:

    Family get together to share a Christmas dinner and exchange gifts afterword.

  11. Jo T Says:

    The season of harvest which we give thanks for. We should all make a conscious effort to make every day a day of Thanksgiving!

    Wishing everyone a Blessed Merry Christmas!

  12. William Brown Says:

    The Victorian celebration in Thomasville, Ga.

  13. Duane White Says:

    I go outside at midnight to see my animals just to see if they will talk to me and what they will say!

  14. Anna G. Says:

    Our tradition is simply the family being together for the Holidays

  15. Emily m Says:

    Decorating the tree while watching South Park mr hankeys Christmas special

  16. ridingonfumes Says:

    Sorry if I post this message twice it looks like it didn’t go through the first time and that’s a real bummer because it was a really long lol

    ( I already won a spotlight so I don’t think I can play along on this last day… But I just wanted to tell the story of my unusual tradition and how I got it)
    Many years ago me and my brother and one of my friends wanted to go look at the Christmas lights out in the fancy neighborhood where they put on the big displays
    We did this late at night on Christmas Eve early Christmas morning hopped in my Volkswagen van and right as we got to the neighborhood it stop running… I tried several things like changing the points and the coil and nothing seem to work
    The real bummer was most of the lights that already been turned off because this was way back in the day when lights were expensive to run before LED.
    So we got out and of course it was extremely cold we did get to see a few houses with lights but mostly we just got to walk back like 10 or 15 miles.
    Along the way we saw taxi cab and we flagged him down between the three of us we had like 12 bucks he told us it would cost $6 just to get in the cab and then the other $6 would take us 1 mile or maybe it was two miles I can’t remember it was only a small portion of our overall trip.
    So we were desperate we got in and said sure take our money and of course right after the mark he said he pulled over and made us get out even though he had to keep going the same way we were headed to end to shift he said he just couldn’t take us any further and we would have to walk
    It was almost daylight by the time we got home and we all had places to be I was exhausted all day and ended up sleeping through most of Christmas I had to get one of my family members to take me to go get my van and when I got there it turned out it was just out of gas : ( lol
    Knowing that wouldn’t have done me much good the night before because all the gas stations were closed that late on Christmas Eve unless I had realized before I left the house there were a couple in town that were open.. we could have put the $12 we gave the cabin to the tank and just about filled the Volkswagen back in those days when the gas was only a little over a dollar a gallon.
    So how does this become a tradition? well even though it was a crazy long tiring night ever since then I’ve made it a point to go see the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve and I’ve also made it a point to leave much earlier and have plenty of gas : )
    Again sorry if I posted this twice the first time I hit post comment I didn’t see the little thing that said my comment is awaiting moderation like I usually see

  17. Claire Says:

    Christmas eve brunch with family.

  18. Gianna Says:

    Decorating the Christmas tree Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!

  19. Kathy Gleich Says:

    We love to see the Christmas Ships on Lake Washington.

  20. markotwo Says:

    holiday light up parade

  21. lwc Says:

    We used to travel 200 miles to see our great-grandmother when she was alive.
    She lived a long time, but now that she’s gone, we don’t see that part of the family much.

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