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CC WiFi Internet Radio

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Today’s question: Where do you get your most informative news (newspaper, online, radio, television, etc.)?

Congratulations to Henry the winner of this day’s give away!

The winner will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced the following business day. One entry per person, per day please. Shipping only to the 48 contiguous states. Good luck and thanks for participating!

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81 Responses to “12 Days of Give Aways!”

  1. Smith O Says:


  2. AB21 Says:

    Radio news is a balanced approach

  3. Sherry O Says:

    Television news provides you all round coverage of all news stories

  4. SO11 Says:


  5. Terry L Story Says:

    That’s a good question, I had to think about it for a bit. I think that I get most of the current events type news from television, and it is affirmed online with various sources like Drudge and Breitbart, PBS, and others. the problem is, of course that you never know for sure who is telling the factual truth and who is prevaricating a little, or, perhaps a lot. I wish that there were some sources that we could all trust, but this day and age is highly charged politically and it makes it work to figure out what is actually happening with a lot of the political news, but at least the local newspaper has the local news that I can mostly believe, well, at least mostly they also carry the national columnists that make it hard to figure out!

  6. Lars Sletten Says:

    Radio……it’s on 24×7!!

  7. bill apple Says:


  8. Louis Aloi Says:

    Still get my most comprehensive and in depth local,national and global news from many different AM radio stations in the US and Canada.2nd is online.Years back was shortwave.🗼

  9. Binkey Barney Says:

    Best info is gossip!

  10. Ivy Iverson Says:

    I get most of my news from alternative sources via Email, sme from radio and a little from TV.

  11. stan bird Says:


  12. Kathy Gleich Says:

    I get my news on the radio

  13. Travis Lloyd Says:

    Online, definitely! Near-instantaneous news!

  14. Henry Says:

    I don’t read any dead tree newspapers, getting that news online. i use radio and television as well.

  15. Henry Says:

    I don’t get the newspaper anymore, but I do read that online. I watch local news on TV, and I listen to NPR all the time.

  16. George Senda Says:

    Online, though my neighbor gives me his newspapers when he’s done with them.

  17. David Says:

    News radio

  18. Gerald Grosskopf Says:

    I get my most informative news from talk radio.

  19. dutchr Says:

    Local news – broadcast radio
    National News – cable TV ( multiple)
    Opinions- Internet

  20. Jo T Says:


  21. Sharon Deters Says:


  22. Michael Zacchigna Says:


  23. Michael Buttry Says:

    I’m in the process of moving (don’t try this in December, btw) and noticed that I miss internet radio stations! The lack of TV isn’t a big thing to me, but I do like to listen to Jazz and News on the ‘net. I use the internet also for listening to former shortwave stations, which can be had to pick up with my radio.

  24. Chris Westad Says:

    I receive most of my informative news from AM Radio. I live in the New York area and am lucky to have a number of choices to listen to.

  25. Tom Blackwell Says:

    Radio & Television are the most timely. Followed by newspaper & online. Radio includes WiFi Internet Radio

  26. Mark A. Says:

    I get most of my current news from AM radio, followed by the internet.

  27. James B Says:

    AM radio (all over the Midwest and Canada), internet & internet radio, TV, a little social media, some from face to face discussions with other people, and even a little shortwave. All are different, and all have their pros and cons.

  28. DanC Says:

    Online, and Radio of course!

  29. anne burke Says:

    Radio!! Can play it walking around home. Get info on traffic and weather. Crime reports important. It’s snowing in Boston.

  30. raybronk@gmail.com Says:

    Most news is from online sources as well as fox news. Being a person who is blind, I can’t obviously see the TV. So most unfortunately, I have to make sure that what I hear is as accurate as possible through the Spoken Word. Internet radio is quite eclectic in both news and music.

    Back when I was a kid, listening to shortwave on my old philco standup radio, listening to news was always interesting because you would hear stuff that the US news wouldn’t even think of reporting. The Internet nowadays is from what I have heard, very similar to shortwave broadcasts.

    Ray Bronk

  31. Alexander Rabinovich Says:

    Online and radio

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