12 Days of Give Aways!


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Today’s question: Favorite charity or organization (local or otherwise) to support?

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34 Responses to “12 Days of Give Aways!”

  1. Kay Hettich Says:

    Favorite charity: Joni and Friends. A worldwide, Christian ministry to disabled persons.

  2. LON E. LIGHT Says:


  3. dennis mcmahon Says:


  4. Dave Minchella Says:

    We support Lollypop Farm animal shelter, WXXI, (local PBS station), among other charitable organizations.

  5. psteckler Says:

    Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.

  6. Tom Stiles Says:

    Home Ministeries

  7. Marv Gibson Says:

    My favorite charity is Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary in Elverta, CA….

  8. fqlevin Says:

    My habit at this time of year is to donate to the educational institutions that had so much value to me: The Putney School, Michigan State University ,and the University of Oregon.

  9. Edward F Strnad Says:

    The Smile group, doctors who go around the world and fix kids with cleft pallets and hairlips… giving them their smile back.

  10. Greg Altorfer Says:

    Salvation Army, Wounded Warriors, St Jude

  11. ridingonfumes Says:

    Kern Humane thrift.. They offer spay vouchers and Emergency Veterinary visit vouchers to low income people something that directly helps pets that might not otherwise get help

  12. cindy Culcasi Says:

    Salvation Army

  13. Chuck Mound Says:

    Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic

  14. Anna G. Says:

    Daily Bread, a local organization,accepts donations of food, clothing, hygiene items, household items, any useable items, to help people locally.

  15. Kelly Mills Says:

    My favorite charity is the local food bank. I donate whenever I can.

  16. Matt Sisak Says:

    Racine Wi PD and County Sheriff Dept K-9 squads

  17. Frank Davis Says:

    St Jude’s Children’s Hospital

  18. Sharon Deters Says:

    Heartland Humane Society of Missouri and Out Of The Woods of Arkansas

  19. George Senda Says:

    Any animal related charity that helps pets or animals in need.

  20. Jim Sherman Says:

    My church has a special Christmas offering every year.

  21. fedavisjr Says:

    St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital which is doing amazing work to help cure childhood cancer and there is no cost to the parents because their child’s life is priceless!

  22. markotwo Says:

    local Prince of Peace organization

  23. Terry L Story Says:

    There are way too many “favorite” charities to list just one, but I suppose that if I must it would have to be St Jude Hospital! They don’t charge anything for the services that they provide for the children that they treat and I find that not just great, but essential to those that are too poor to pay a hospital bill. Danny Thomas originated the hospital and Marlo Thomas is on the air supporting it now, and I also find that their family and its charitable gestures are way above and beyond what many do!

  24. richard t lutz Says:

    in my book hands down the Salvation Army….. almost ALL of your dollar goes to work
    Every year I make a good online donation and then for the fun and joy of the moment every time I pass a Kettle I drop something in…..what a great time of year!

  25. Travis Lloyd Says:

    Wounded Warriors

  26. Chris Westad Says:

    Learning Ally (Formerly Reading for the Blind and Dislexic)

  27. Terrance L Smith Says:


  28. JATL Says:

    Salvation Army.

  29. Alan Wilson Says:

    Salvation Army

  30. Gene Connor Says:

    My local animal shelter seems to always need extra food. I like to give them a helping hand.

  31. lwc Says:

    “Habitat for Humanity”

    While you’re helping build somebody else’s house, you’re also learning how to work on, and repair, your own house.

    That’s a good deal for everybody !

  32. Kerry X Murphy Says:

    American Cancer Society

  33. Eric Vieth Says:

    Meals On Wheels

  34. Robert McLeod Says:


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