12 Days of Give Aways!

12daysofgiveawaysToday’s giveaway:
CC Buds Pro, In-Ear Earbuds For Talk Radio, Audio Books And Voice Clarity

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s question.

Today’s question: What is your favorite music genre (classical, rock, top 40, etc.)?

The winner will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced the following business day. One entry per person, per day please. Shipping only to the 48 contiguous states. Good luck and thanks for participating!

Congratulations winner John Legsdin! Thank you for your participation.

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67 Responses to “12 Days of Give Aways!”

  1. Richard Paulini Says:

    My Favorite music is from the 40’s to the 50’s. Along with Country Western.

  2. DanC Says:

    That’s a tough one, depends on my mood, so for today let’s just say old school country.

  3. Shelby O Says:

    Classical! Unless it’s holiday season and then it’s just christmas music for a bit 😊

  4. Shelly B Says:

    My favorite is ABBA and Boney M…Bee Gees and country folk.

  5. Ann B Says:

    Country music round the year. Soulful

  6. Smith O Says:

    It might be just me but nothing is more invigorating than rock. Love it!

  7. AB21 Says:

    Country western all day everyday! 👍👍

  8. Sherry O Says:

    Top 40… would be my winner.

  9. SO11 Says:

    Country western is my all time favorite

  10. S303 Says:

    My favorite is classical music. So is my husband’s …one less thing to argue over. Lol

  11. Michael Buttry Says:

    Jazz for me, particularly ‘Cool’ Jazz, or sometimes called West Coast Jazz. I stream this a lot since there isn’t any stations I can pick up over the air here in central Illinois.

  12. lwc Says:

    Disco !
    My poor aunt suffered trying to teach me to dance.
    1970s disco is when I finally learned to dance without looking like an idiot.

  13. Charles Case Says:

    I love the format ‘America’s Best Music” (light 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s).

  14. markotwo Says:

    Chris Markowski watchdog on wallstreet

  15. Kathy Gleich Says:

    My favorite music is classic rock

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