All Great Stories Start Small




Almost a year ago a perfect I LOVE Radio t-shirt and a funny clay radio arrived in a box from a young friend of Bob Crane’s. He had sent her an entrepreneur kit a few months previously but never expected to hear back. The shirt expresses why radio (all types) is great for Bob and millions of others. Nielsen (whose job it is to find out), recently announced “more people (higher numbers), listen to radio than watch TV or consume content on smartphones.”….. our staff picked the t-shirt graphic for this year’s cover over several other designs.

From Bob: “I love radio” is such a strong belief it caused me to think about why I feel this way. One clear minded morning it dawned on me that radio is just an electronic extension of what has been going on for thousands of years and it will continue for thousands more. Radio is oral history, it’s storytelling, it is the best way for most of us to receive information because we’re wired for it. A good radio show might have music, though provoking content and maybe a bit of comedy….probably like it has been for thousands of years.

The t-shirt and radio were made by a wonderful girl name Asia Bell…..maybe you’ve heard of her father…Art?

We are donating $1.00 from each t-shirt sale towards Asia Bell’s future to encourage her budding entrepreneurship.


We hope you proudly sport your I LOVE Radio T-shirt. If you’re active on social media, please post an image of you wearing your shirt and please tag C. Crane to be featured on all our Social Media outlets to spread the word.

Tell us why you love radio and be entered to win one of the new C. Crane I Love Radio t-Shirts and our new pen and notepad! Drawing to be held 11/30. Please only one entry per person.


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22 Responses to “All Great Stories Start Small”

  1. ridingonfumes Says:

    I do love radio but not as much as a certain friend who I’ve been trying to get turned onto your products for years….. if I want I would give him the shirt

    • Thomas D. Wills Says:

      yes, i love radio as it offers music, sporting events, and weather and news. i like NPR, Johnathan Schwarts old time music, The New York Mets baseball broadcasts and the John Batcherla show to name just a few. Also i like my C.Crane Radio, as it connects me to distant cities and Canada too.

  2. Ken Kingman Says:

    I grew up listening to radio; in the beginning it was the Seattle Supersonics, Seattle Rainers, and the Seattle Totems. My mom would allow me to get into bed and lay awake at night in bed listening to my favorite sports teams’ final 30 minutes of play. Later I discovered rebroadcast of Old Time Radio, “Coast to Coast AM”, and “Late Nights with Alice Cooper”.
    My tastes may have chanel over the years, but not my love of radio.

  3. JoAnn O’Neill Damko Says:

    I am 85 years old and radio keeps me going. If I had to choose between TV and radio … no contest, radio wins! If I can’t sleep at night I can listen to the radio with my head phones without disturbing my husband.. Thanks C.Crane.
    JoAnn O’Neill Damko

  4. bill neuhaus Says:

    I have fallen in love with Radio again because of the new C Crane Skywave SSB! After years of collecting radios for different features and bands, I’ve finally found a radio that has it all! It just arrived today and I have not turned it off for hours. I heard alot about C Crane radios before but never owned one until now. Thank you for a radio engineered by people who love radio as much as I do again…today!

  5. Jay Bulkley Says:

    Dear C. Crane,
    I love radio because I get a chance to listen to the archived broadcast’s of Sir Art Bell via U7radio(dot).org, or (dot)com…

  6. C.O.Fines Says:

    Listening to R&B music out of Nashville and other AM super stations was a big part of who I am these many years since. Later on Art Bell with Coast to Coast AM was formative, and I still listen from time to time, tho now I hear it on a digital radio stream from across the country loud and clear. There are few local stations where I live now worth listening to, but I can usually pick up good classical music on the road. By choice at home I’m more often than not listening to jazz out of Denver on KUVO and internet radio is my love today.

  7. Charlie Evers Says:

    I have been in radio 65 years. My first 16 years as an engineer. In 1968 the radio station
    Was sold I and the result for me was to become an announcer. Eventually I became farm director. After a number of activities I was placed in the Ohio broadcast hall of fame. I am currently working in a low power station in marion, Ohio.

  8. William Moore Says:

    I used to work in radio as an announcer/producer, both in college and afterward. I always found this work to be exciting, creative and fun. Years later, I really enjoyed listening to Art Bell who had a very special way of “drawing you in” to whatever he was talking about. I miss Art and hope he’s doing well. Also, I own a CC Plus radio which I have just sent in for repair. Can’t wait until I get it back! Thanks and I would love to own a T-shirt!

  9. troyvriedel Says:

    I love radio because it’s “media for the mind – not the eye”. Radio engages your imagination thru play-by-play of sporting events, imagining a guitarist jamming – a drummer banging – or a violinist drawing his/her bow, or just imagining what the people look like with whom you hear … what makes radio great is that radio is an interactive medium. I love radio!

  10. Louis Aloi Says:

    If it was a picture of Curly from the 3 stooges with his statement”I Love the Radio”📻from their Radio station visit episode.My personal favorite I’d order 5 tees 2 for me and 3 as gifts.That’s what I And other Radiohead friends really want🗼If you do think this IS a good idea let me know so I could order those.Hippy look not our thing @ age 57 sorry.😢📻Merry Christmas out there in radioland🎄

  11. Jimmy Spellins Says:

    I started listening to radio back in the early sixties with a crystal set, would only pick up the local station, but didn’t need batteries, finally after mowing enough lawns I purchased my first transistor radio from JC Penny’s it was a neat little radio about the size of a cigarette package. after that owned many radios: Gurndig satellite 800, Grundig satellite 750 and others. Just received my c.crane skywave ssb it is all I expected and more. Listening to radio is relaxing you don’t even have to keep your eyes open (like TV) just close your eyes relax and let radio entertain you.

  12. markotwo Says:

    I love radio because it is the ultimate theater of the mind. It is free and offers so much info. and choices of info. that TV will never match…

  13. Dorothy OBrien Says:

    I’m old enough to remember radios in World War 2. We had a big console, we sat around the living room to hear the news. No tv then.
    I remember learning a few letters in Morse code, V for victory being the most important.
    Later we got FM stations, lots more than AM stations and programming changed.
    I learned about different bands and frequencies, got a ham radio license.
    Traveled around the world with my battery powered shortwave radio, could get BBC and Voice of America most anywhere.
    Have an airplane with lots of radios that make travel by air safer.
    Yes, I’ve loved radios all my life, and I especially love C Crane radios for quality and fair prices. Thank you!

  14. stratzman Says:

    At 59 years old, there are lots of stories. In 1977, I took off with 2 girls in my 142 Volvo. Dropped the girl’s off in Utah, and worked my way up the coast from Laguna beach to SF to Seattle. Concerning radio, was on late night for KSUN. Lived in Navato for a bit. All nighters with John Kay in SF. Much more, but that would boor you. AM is the only way to go. Many thanks to you and your Crane crew !
    Dave Stratton

  15. William tate Says:

    With radio, one uses our rt. & lft. Parietal lobes of our brains; to conceptualize the subject being discussed on radio.

  16. Richard T. Paulini Says:

    The reason I love radio is I grew up with The Lone Ranger, Gang Busters,
    Charley McCarthy. Also a lot of other shows. There was on TV when I was
    growing up.
    You had to use your imagination when you listen to the radio.

  17. DanC Says:

    I love radio because it’s always been a source of entertainment and companionship going back to childhood.

  18. T. C. Stuart Says:

    I’ve loved radio ever since I got my first transistor for Christmas in 1963. It was, and ever has been, my nightly companion even when I was supposedly fast asleep. I was especially astounded when I discovered DXing, which worked even better on cold winter nights.

    I cannot seem to fall asleep without an earbud with the news, a ballgame, or obviously paranormal radio playing. The advent of wifi radio has improved listening quality and selection, but I sometimes miss the fade and static that I remember so well.

  19. Tom Blackwell Says:

    I love radio – its an intimate medium

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