Why I Love to Travel with a Radio by Bob Crane

It turns out this guy named Art Bell and I were both on the island of Maui in 1970. I have fond memories of a youth well spent there so I decided to revisit with my extended family. There is little if any static on the island so AM listening is incredible. I found KNUR 550 in Wailuku at 5,000 watts. They play mostly business from Bloomberg but they have smartly altered the program to fit in with the local culture. . . great job! My wife and I were giddy to hear silly love songs from the Philippines for three hours on Sunday morning. The CC Skywave performed perfect for the week and batteries were still about full.

Art and I never ran into each other back then but I did get to see one of the last Jimi Hendrix concerts which they still talked about on the radio. The best part of this recent trip was getting together with my wife and family. . .still married too. . . and listening.

I’d love to hear about your favorite local station you’ve heard and why it’s your favorite.


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7 Responses to “Why I Love to Travel with a Radio by Bob Crane”

  1. halfonts Says:

    I’ve listened to radio all my life, often DXing modified or Heathkit AM-Radios at night. . As a teen in Maryland in the 50s, I’d listen to New Orleans using headphones in bed. From a Neighbor I “inheritted a Hamarlund HD 145(?) which was great fun.
    Fact is, during my working years in Northwest Washington State, I fear I ruined my health(?) listening all night to Art Bell, Larry King and Ray Tliaferro and others on San Francisco’s Mighty-KGO.

    Now with the Internet, I haven’t had a teevey in over 3-decades.


  2. halfonts Says:

    Hammarlund HQ-145

  3. Joann O'Neill Damko Says:

    Internet radio great, often listen at night when unable to sleep…no static.

  4. ridingonfumes Says:

    Small town radio stations are the best I travel around in my motorhome and I’ve run into a few of them that have really impressed me……. I guess my favorite would be the one back home though KCNQ Kern River Valley… mostly just because of one show that they do every day from noon to one called Tradio it keeps all the residents of the valley connected with things that we want to buy sell trade and when we needed help it’s a good place to find helpers or work or anything really it’s like the Craigslist of radio : )
    A lot of stations used to have programs like this back in the day but now I’ve only really found it at home in the Kern River Valley I guess because we are so isolated it still works out real well up here to do a show like that everyday

    • C. Crane Says:

      Canyon Dam, CA has this as well. Every Saturday I think! That’s exactly how it’s described – the Craigslist of radio 🙂 Awesome!

  5. Joann O'Neill Damko Says:

    I live in northern OH and could never listen to my favorite Chicago station until now with my internet radio . Thanks

  6. AnnaG. Says:

    KYOS Merced Ca, the first station i ever listened to as a kid on my very own first transistor radio, an Elgin. Later on in late 70’s and early 80’s I would sit outside in the evenings and listen to radio theater, also started listening to Art Bell in early 80’s there.

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