It’s Personal

If there is one thing we know about radio, it’s that “It’s personal”. You might already know this or you might be wondering – how can radio that is broadcast to millions of people all day through hundreds of different stations and different shows be personal?

From the selection process of picking the right radio to how and where that radio is used, and what is actually listened to – for each person this process is unique and personal. The radio becomes a companion. In some cases, the voice of camaraderie sharing similar views or vision. In other cases, presenting new compelling ideas that push the listener outside of their previously held beliefs. It can be a teacher. Teaching about gardening, cars or how to get your money or your relationships right. It can join you in the spirit of the game with your fellow fans, like you’re there at the game seeing that pitch or re-living that amazing catch. It’s a place you can belong. Radio is always happy to have you and that makes it very personal.

In an emergency, it can keep you safe. In an election year, it can help you make a decision on how to cast your vote. When you’re traveling it can help you become a part of your destination. When your eyes aren’t working so well, or your health has deteriorated and limited your activity, radio is a friend you can count on to be there day and night. We can listen to the same show and come away with different pieces of information that have an impact on our life. These are just some of the ways it’s personal.

Please share in the comments why radio is personal to you.

11 Responses to “It’s Personal”

  1. kenny moore Says:

    ShortWave news and radio 📻 preachers that aren’t found on mainstream TV and Radio😁 📻!!

  2. Bob Says:

    I am a fan of talk radio. I have a radio on my bed stand with a pillow speaker. I am listening to the radio as I fall asleep and when I wake during the night often will turn the radio on for a few minutes. My wife has her own radio with a pillow speaker. That is about as personal as it can get.

  3. Kay Hettich Says:

    I especially enjoy Christian radio. It’s one thing to read the Bible and pray in one’s heart. But sometimes God allows a speaker with a special message or a meaningful song to broadcast at a time when I am listening. The radio brings God’s message audibly and clearly into my home! I also hearing news broadcasts with a Christian perspective on world events.

  4. James L. Lawrence Says:

    TV was supposed to be the death of radio. If anything, Radio has increased it’s listenership dramatically since the advent of TV. Personal and portable make radio the perfect companion. So many choices,

  5. Rosario Guzzi Says:

    The radio is the single, most important invention in contemporary America. It is the bulwark at Freedom’s door.

  6. Terry Says:

    Radio , from the crystal set I had as a child to the ham radio I have now. Radio is supportive / essential in an emergency , it is fun to work the world. Be that with a half of watt and a wire antenna and a telegraph key , radio is a way of life meeting new friends from around the world to learning new techniques to growing in your hobby, and this hobby/ obsession does have something for EVERYONE . whether listening to activating a summit (SOTA) to camping and using minimal power to make a remote contact, to using fm 2 meter radio to make a phone call when cellphone cannot. Radio encompasses local broadcast to internet radio to ham radio using a hand held radio and a home made antenna to talk to the space station. This is a hobby /obsession then does something wonderful, it connects.

  7. ccrane2016 Says:

    Why radio is personal to me

    As far back as I remember, the radio for me was not only an instrument of enjoyment but a necessity as well. Today, at the ripe age of 73, the radio continues to fill that role. In my childhood, the family would gather around the radio and pray the rosary at 7pm. Later that evening we would listen to Mystery Theater a program featuring various eerie stories narrated by well known actors. To say that the radio became the theater of the mind would be an understatement. My parents would always rely on the radio for news. As I entered my teen years and prior to falling asleep the radio would put me into a deep sleep and greet me in the morning. Throughout my adult life I have traveled extensively worldwide and my compact am/fm radio would be my travel companion. At nineteen I was transferred to Germany and my radio allowed me to feel at home listening to the military channels. I enjoy listening to the local stations as well and gaining an appreciation for the cultural differences. As time progressed, I bought portable radios with more advanced features like: SW, Air Wave, Weather band. These capabilities enhanced my enjoyment and kept me in touch with current events. I became excited when C. Crane introduced the new Skyway Travel Radio which I am strongly considering to purchase soon. In summary, I cannot imagine what my life would be like not having a radio.

  8. igor woikow Says:

    While i don’t have a radio, i do stream old radio shows on my iphone in the night when i can’t sleep, having woken yet again in a confusing panic thinking i’d been hit on my bicycle by the idiot in the car again. This relaxes me greatly.

  9. Florian Bechtold Says:

    I’ve been a radio buff for many years starting with a crystal radio in 1946 listening to KDKA radio and progressing to my current Skywave. In between I have had “tube” radios progressing through to a portable Zenith transistor radio in 1958, a Sony 7600 in 1978, some Crane larger portable multiband radios in the 2000s as well as many pocket portable transistor radios with earphones. I find the pocket portable radios great for listening while I do home and yard chores as well as when walking or running.
    Radios do not require that you need to watch as with a stationary TV and can keep you informed while as you move about doing other things. A cautionary note ,,, when I am out and about walking with my Walkman I only cover one ear with the earphone so that I can be aware of my surroundings with the other ear.
    Your Skywave fits the bill as a small portable radio with great capabilities that I can put in my pocket when I go out.
    Thanks for your products,

  10. Rick Kaplan Says:

    I’ve been a radio fan all my life. I would always have a radio with me no matter where I went and the same is true today.As a teenager in the 60’s I loved the music and the DJ’s who played it. Later I discovered talk radio. I still love to see what’s out there wherever I travel. I have the wonderful Skywave and several others. Radio is the simplest appliance there is. You push the power button,hit a frequency and that’s it. I love listening to Internet radio,but there is nothing like using a simple AM FM radio.

  11. mark d. antonino Says:

    always has and still does go beyond mainstream media

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