Happy Holidays From C. Crane


Here at C. Crane, our holiday wish is that you can relax and enjoy time surrounded by family, friends, and of course, great radios!

If you need some seasonal listening ideas, here are some suggestions:

Traditional radio – usually one local station will play holiday music 24/7.

Internet radio – Search on the CC WiFi for Holiday and you will find several stations to choose from.

Bluetooth – The Senta Ally Bluetooth Speaker allows you to play DJ. Hook up your smart phone and load in your favorite app like Pandora or TuneIn or load up your SD card with your choice for holiday music!

C. Crane wishes you and yours the very best this holiday season!

Enter to win: For our final give away of the season – answer the question below in the comments and be entered to win the C. Crane radio of your choice. Drawing to be held Tuesday January 5th. One entry per person.

Congratulations to Dennis Wills who was chosen as our blog winner! Mr. Wills chose the CC Radio 2E in Titanium! Thank you all for participating. Happy New Year!

What is your top 2016 New Year’s Resolution?

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213 Responses to “Happy Holidays From C. Crane”

  1. luis Says:

    try to do the right/correct thing always, since evil prevails In all forms.

  2. Ken Olson Says:

    Start a small business.

  3. DeLancey Smith Says:

    I resolve to take better care of myself and my family in 2016. If we don’t have our health, we have nothing. Happy new year!

  4. George Hogetvedt Says:

    I am a senior so I hope for health and prosperity. I resolve to take better care of myself and my family because that is everything to me.

  5. M H Ellen Says:

    To appreciate more what I have and my friends.

  6. dan Says:

    my resolution is to hopefully have gotten this entry in before the deadline today!!

  7. ray philippon Says:

    I love my CC radios (have three) and love them !!!

  8. Roy Wright Says:

    i would like to thank the folks at C. Crane and a special thank you to Jessyca Martinez who, after finding out about a couple if issues i had, made a great effort to remedy the situation. Thanks so much ! i’m enjoying my CC Radio EP. It’s a solid performer and would also like to recommend the inexpensive Voz-P Premium Earbuds. Rich warm sound with a solid bass response make for a satisfying experience.You can rest assured that the C> Crane Company stands behind the products they offer. Sincerely, roy w.

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