September is National Preparedness Month

September is Emergency Preparedness month. By now, if you don’t already have your emergency kit ready, here are a few tips from the C. Crane Family that may help you out.

Make a plan

Create a plan for yourself, your family and your pets. Plan how to stay safe and how you will communicate during a major disaster.

Emergency Preparedness KitCreate your Emergency Preparedness Kit

Food and Water is a Must

Have at least one gallon of drinking water per person per day for at least 3 days. Have at least a 3 day supply of non-perishable food and a can opener (that’s a must have tool). If you have pets make sure you have food and water for them too.

Emergency Radio with extra batteries.

A reliable way to stay informed at all times during an emergency is with an all hazards weather radio. Radio communication will always stay in operation, with reliable sources like Ham Operators. Ham Operators are local and have equipment ready to help coordinate emergency efforts. The CC Radio 2E is C. Crane’s all hazards AM, FM, Weather and Weather Alert with the 2 Meter Ham Band Radio. It will keep the information flowing. The CC Solar Observer is also a fantastic emergency radio. It covers AM, FM and the Weather band, and can be powered by using the built in hand crank, by the built-in solar panel or by using regular alkaline batteries. It comes with a built in flashlight, and in an emergency, it can charge cell phones. Also make sure you have plenty of extra batteries on hand.

The perfect light to add to your Preparedness Kit

Do have the right light so you can see in a power outage? The New, advanced CC LED Spot XB Spotlight’s brightness is nearly equal to a 100 watt old style incandescent spotlight, and it’s 3 times brighter than our previous model CC LED Spotlight. Not only is the CC LED Spot XB exceptionally bright but it will run with usable light for up to 60 hours. The CC LED Spot XB is lightweight and easy to use. Also, the Unity Plus LED Flashlight is a reliable flashlight to have in your emergency kit. Its light weight, runs on 2 C batteries and will give you up to 22 hours of usable light. The Unity Plus is rugged and is the perfect combination of power, size and weight.

First Aid Kit

Keep it simple. Nothing big, but make sure you have Band-Aids, a bandage wrap, antiseptic, moist and dry towelettes and tweezers in your emergency kit.

Tool Kit

Keep a wrench and pliers in your kit to turn off utilities like gas and water. Also a fire starter that will help to start a fire to help keep you warm.

Personal Items

Keep prescription medications, clothing, blankets and hygiene items in your kit. You don’t know how long you will be put out and being without these items could be life threatening.

Show us what you’ve got

Share this post on Facebook (see share button below) with a picture of your emergency kit or comment on our C. Crane Facebook page with #emergencypreparednesskit2015 and also comment on our blog post with the number one most important item you have in your emergency kit.

You will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a NEW CC Spot XB LED Spotlight. One entry per person. Drawing will be held October 15th.

Congratulations to blog winner Awenner1! Thanks for participating in our Blog post!

5 Responses to “September is National Preparedness Month”

  1. awenner1 Says:

    From a physical health standpoint, the post important item is probably water — but from a “mental” health standpoint, it would definitely be my portable radio (a C. Crane, of course!)

  2. George Hogetvedt Says:

    I would have food first of all and second a really good flashlight from C.Crane.

  3. Rosario Guzzi Says:

    Water IS the most crucial of all, indeed. “Coast To Coast AM” just tonight (10-01-2015) advertised a small device that rids contaminated water of 98% (better ratio than our public drinking water) of harmful bacteria, for just $10 or $29.95, dependent
    upon a “coupon” redemption. I doubt that is a hoax, as this program has had ethical considerations since the days of
    its founder, Art Bell. In fact, I have purchased my radio(s) at Crane to ensure the best reception of this widely popular “Coast”

  4. mark antonino Says:

    Other than water and food…definitely a radio!

  5. Jim Says:

    Well, it’s not a go, because I don’t tweet nor do Facebook. So I’ll save my change until I can buy one, and
    take advantage of the free shipping you offered on the next item I purchase
    after my CC radio EP, which I dearly
    love. Maybe the Spot XB And the CC Radio 2E. I buy and drink distilled
    water, there is always 6 gallons in the
    house, and ten in the truck. At least
    eight working flashlights near my bed,
    reading chair, bathroom, in pockets of jackets and vests. a modest first
    aid stash, and batteries for the EP.
    I suggest a dozen, at least, of plain
    Plumber’s candles which burn slowly
    and fairly driplessly. Abundant match
    supply, those placed near toilet, bed,
    just around, disposable lighters, a gas camp stove. A very good knife. Good luck to you all.

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