Labor DayLabor Day weekend is upon us, it’s the symbolic end of summer and the last three-day weekend for a while. We predict about a million barbeque grills will be lit this weekend with tunes blaring and friends gathering in celebration that fall will be here soon and summer is coming to an end.

While Labor Day Weekend might mean the unfortunate end of summer, it also means it’s almost time for football to come back! The beginning of the NFL and College football seasons means Sunday football, NFL Ticket, Fantasy Leagues and national radio coverage! How will you be tuning in?

Not only can you receive coverage from your local broadcaster but there are several radio broadcasters and podcasters interviewing various former players and current coaches on the field. Here are a few of our top picks:


The CC Radio 2E has exceptional voice clarity for talk radio and the speaker sounds as if the broadcasters are in the same room.

Internet Radio also offers a flurry of NFL highlights and updates. The CC WiFi 2 receives TuneIn and offers a plethora of free stations to pick up NFL info. Here are just a few:

Worried you’ll miss out listening to your favorite broadcaster while at the big game? Fear not, the CC Pocket Radio makes for a compact travel companion! It receives great reception and is so small it will fit in any pocket or carry pouch. Tune in to your favorite broadcaster while sitting live at the big game!

Whatever you decide to do this Labor Day Weekend, you absolutely deserve a day off to recognize your effort and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Before getting back to the grindstone on Tuesday, enjoy that last big barbecue, tunes from the music box and the last final weekend of your summer. Happy Labor Day from the C. Crane Family!