25 Days Of Christmas

Congratulations to Gwendolyn, winner of the CC Radio-EP AM/FM Radio.

CC Quick ChargerToday’s giveaway is the CC Quick Charger-2 NiMH Battery Charger and Tester.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog.

Today’s blog question: Do you give yourself a Christmas budget?

The winners will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced tomorrow morning. Good Luck!

45 Responses to “25 Days Of Christmas”

  1. Marv Gibson Says:

    A strict budget for everyone EXCEPT my 2 Golden Retrievers…

  2. Vimal Says:

    No budget !!

  3. Suman Says:

    Budget,no way

  4. Paul Seaburn Says:


  5. Stan Horzepa Says:

    What’s a “budget”?

  6. Ray Says:

    No Budget … KF2WG … Ray

  7. Dana Says:


  8. Gary Says:

    Yes, It is the smart thing to do to not get into excessive debt !

  9. Binkey Barney Says:

    No budget…and if Santa doesn’t bring what’s on my list, i just go get it myself!

  10. anne b Says:

    This year, yes.

  11. Dennis Whitehead Says:

    No. I just buy what is needed and try not to think about what it costs.

  12. Jim Sherman Says:

    We don’t Budget. We just try to keep spending to a minimum.

  13. Mike Buttry Says:

    Yes I do give myself a Christmas Budget and my Wife ignores it.

  14. Elaine Garfield Says:

    yes, I live on a very strict budget and Christmas is included in that

  15. rt butz Says:

    nah, nothing fixed

  16. Jim K Says:

    Yes I have a budget but I have never been able to stick to it.

  17. Chuck Mound Says:

    Budget…..”I don’t need no stinking’ budget”

  18. ridingonfumes Says:

    Yes I’m the most important person on my list

  19. Sharon Deters Says:

    I have 4 children and 7 grand children and I have to stay in budget, OR ELSE!

  20. Anna Says:

    No, we do a family gift exchange, we each buy a gift under $20-$25 and wrap it, put them under the tree, then pick numbers from a hat and choose a gift. It’s also a game in that the next person can say I want that and take your gift, or choose from under the tree. It’s too much stress and expense to expect everyone to get a gift for everyone else in the family, this way is much more fun, and takes the focus off of the materialism. Of course the children don’t participate in that, they have their own regular Christmas as usual.

  21. Krybak Says:

    A budget for Christmas…not

  22. Bob Confer Says:

    I try to say I have a Christmas budget, but I usually always exceed what my original budget is.

  23. Dave Moore Says:

    yes I do..or I would run out of $$$$$$

  24. Robin D Says:

    I try but I’m not always successful

  25. Phillip Says:

    I have a Christmas budget, but I ALWAYS blow by it…

  26. Terry Story Says:

    I used to, then I got married, (actually 43 years ago), so budgeting is not my forte, and certainly not my wifes. We just struggle to pay the freight over the next couple of months and we do less until it is paid!

  27. Ch@yenne3 Says:

    Whatever my last check is before Christmas!

  28. Mark D. Antonino Says:


  29. steve moreno Says:

    Yes, do I keep it now thats another question. .lol

  30. Gianna Says:


  31. Kevin Says:

    Yes. It makes January much more pleasant.

  32. Lora R. Says:

    Nope! Not really. Seriously, Christmas only comes once a year. It’s ok to go a little overboard and get something nice for someone else, even if it costs a little extra.

  33. l c Says:

    For what I do won’t require a list !

  34. tech1943 Says:

    no I just do not buy

  35. David R Says:

    We sure do, but never really stick to it.

  36. matt sisak Says:

    not really !

  37. Greg Says:

    Yes, we have budget, but it is a little flexible. Ho, ho ho!

  38. Suzanne Geraci Says:

    When I start buying Christmas presents, I always THINK I should stick to a budget, but my heart always wins out, and the budget goes out the window.

  39. Joey Simmonds Says:

    Budget for sure. My wife makes sure I don’t get out of hand.

  40. Ray Says:

    The best gift you’ve ever given is the CC Radio to my Girl Friend … KF2WG … Ray

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