25 Days Of Christmas

Congratulations to Kamal, winner of the Super USB WiFi Antenna 3

Versa WiFi Adapter 3Today’s giveaway is the Versa WiFi USB Adapter 3.

For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog.

Today’s blog question: Family- Invited for the holidays or not?

The winners will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced tomorrow morning. Good Luck!

54 Responses to “25 Days Of Christmas”

  1. Cheryl VanDeVoorde Says:

    We are invited to family. And we will be there.

  2. jitesh bhagat Says:

    Yes…. family is the most important part of life.. if we shares all our sorrows with them… so we should… also shares aur happiness witj them too.

  3. scott goggin Says:

    Family in the end is the whole point…taking time off to reflect and appreciate the ones you’ve had and the ones you have … we here are a sorts of family EDWARD, and if you are too old to get out and about… well your not too old to SKYPE, no more excuses reach out they need you to …(while ya still can!!)

  4. Robin D Says:

    Actuall I’m going to visit family for the holidays

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