25 Days Of Christmas

Congratulations to Paul, winner of the Senta-40 Wooden Headphones.

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For a chance to win, all you have to do is comment on today’s blog.

Today’s blog question: How long did you believe in Santa Claus?

The winners will be selected in a random drawing and will be announced tomorrow morning. Good Luck!

88 Responses to “25 Days Of Christmas”

  1. Lora R. Says:

    I still believe in the mystery and magic of Christmas Eve, with jolly fat man in red silently placing presents of all shapes and sizes under a decorated tree, his nine reindeer pawing at the frozen ground outside. Without this belief, the whole spirit of Christmas just wouldn’t be the same. 🙂

  2. Sue Says:

    Probably around 7 or 8. my brother told me. I remember it like it was yesterday!

  3. Keith Lindsey Says:

    Are you implying that there is not a Santa Claus?

  4. steveyoth Says:

    Oh, man, that was a long time ago! I think I was in first grade, about 6 or 7 years old. Our neighbors had a display with Santa and the reindeer on their roof. I interpretted the display to indicate that they were trapped there. So, if anyone received Christmas gifts that year, they couldn’t be from Santa. But the gifts still came!

  5. matt sisak Says:

    Still do !

  6. Dave Westerhold Says:

    Probably about 7 or 8 when I realized that half the presents under the tree were for my birthday on the 24th.

  7. richard wiggins Says:

    I still believe in Santa Claus

  8. Bhaku Sona Says:

    I still do! It’s magical to believe 🙂

  9. AB Bhako Says:

    I caught on to it pretty early: I was 6!

  10. Bhakko Anu Says:

    When I was 9 I thought something was off when I just could not catch a glimpse of Santa despite keeping an overnight watch with my younger cousin and yet there were presents next morning. But my parents clued me in next year.

  11. AB1011 Says:

    What? So the guy is a farce?!?! 😛

  12. SV Obbri Says:

    At teh age of 9 when my elder sister revealed it to me…I was so heart broken! LOL

  13. Sh17p1 Says:

    Still do. There’s magic in that belief. 🙂

  14. Brian Brisk Says:

    I was like 5 or 6 years.

  15. ¾ Blind Says:

    Didn’t Santa Claus record for Motown? Or was it Buddah?
    (A little ode to Cheech & Chong.)

  16. Alan Says:

    till I was 8 years old

  17. Greg Says:

    My brother spilled the beans when I was around six or seven.

  18. Walt Says:

    Much longer than I recall according to my mother.

  19. ankush Says:

    I still believe in Santa

  20. poonam Says:

    love a wifi radio

  21. Vimal Says:

    Since Eternity

  22. aditi Says:

    From top to end


    When you grow up poor in Brazil, Dreams end much quicker, so probably 3 or 4

  24. William Potts Says:

    I was 6 or 7. We tried to raise our kids with the knowledge that there was a deeper meaning to thew holiday than a man in a red suit bearing gifts.

  25. Warren Says:

    Actually I still believe. Maybe it is not in the image portrayed to and by children, but through the generosity, prayers and best wishes to accomplish good. I must say though, one night long ago, I swear I heard him land on my roof and come into my room to check if I was sleeping.

  26. Kevin Johnson Says:

    I was about 12 I guess.

  27. Elizabeth Krause Says:

    i was 5

  28. Elizabeth Krause Says:

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  29. Joey Simmonds Says:

    I was 6 when I discovered the presents came from my parents and not Santa. Gotta love Santa though.

  30. Ronald Hallendorff Says:

    That was a LONG time ago. I believe I was about 6 or 7. I really cannot remember how I learned the sad news – probably from my older sister.

  31. Tom Says:

    I held on to that belief for a long time. I still like to believe.

  32. Jane r Says:

    My favorite holiday food is peppermint bark

  33. Sandra Jump Says:

    Who says i never stopped believing in Santa!!

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