25 Days Of Christmas

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Today’s blog question: What is your least favorite part of the holidays?

49 Responses to “25 Days Of Christmas”

  1. rt butz Says:


  2. Binkey Barney Says:

    Relatives – Oh geeze! will the whole world see this?

  3. Elaine Garfield Says:

    the forgetting of the reason for the season, too much stuff and not enough substance

  4. Keith Lindsey Says:

    Their ending.

  5. Marv Gibson Says:


  6. suman Says:

    Last holiday

  7. Claire O'Donnell Says:

    the commercialism for sure

  8. Jim Sherman Says:

    Taking down the tree and decorations

  9. Vimal Says:

    The thought of going back to work

  10. Tom Stiles Says:

    Having company that won’t leave.

  11. Bob Confer Says:

    My least favorite part of the holidays is most definitely the crowds in the stores. I nearly had 3 head on collisions with my Shopping cart last week! Lol!

  12. Tom Cox Says:

    Remembering the loved ones who have left us, this year, and won’t be at the Christmas table.

  13. Anna Says:

    My least favorite part is people forgetting it’s Jesus Christ’s Birthday.

  14. Gary Says:

    The hurry up and rushing, prefer and try to be more casual and relaxed.

  15. Phillip Says:

    People who have a bah humbug attitude.

  16. fqlevin Says:

    Dealing with the wrapping paper after the unwrapping. So my wife made cloth gift bags which, if returned to use, may get a gift next year. No bag, hamm!

  17. Gianna Becher Says:

    I don’t really have a part that I don’t like.

  18. Dennis Whitehead Says:


  19. Janis Parks Says:

    Watching out for drivers that drink alcohol over the holidays.

  20. Ed Strnad Says:

    Cleaning up millions of pine needles after throwing out the tree.

  21. Robin D Says:

    Greedy people

  22. Stan Horzepa Says:

    Returning wrong sizes to the store.

  23. Ronald Hallendorff Says:

    Controlling my food input. I truly enjoy the Christmas foods.

  24. Chuck Mound Says:

    My son and daughter-in-law having to leave after staying with us for several days. They live a distance away and their visits are far between as busy as life is these days. No matter how old they are having your children wake up in your home Christmas morning is something that is pure glee.

  25. Bhaku Sona Says:

    Over-eating…leads to added pounds! :-/ I wish I had the will power to resist the holiday sweets!

  26. AB Bhako Says:

    Flight delays. We need to travel extensively to be with my parents and my wife’s family. ANd flight delays are the biggest kill joys.

  27. Oberio SV Says:

    Buying gifts! I’d much rather give out gift-cards and let everybody get something good for themself. Sadly doesn’t work that way for my folks.

  28. Shared Ober'Di Says:

    None…I love it all 🙂 🙂 Bring it on!

  29. Bhakko Anu Says:

    I like holiday season especially as i get to see all of my family. But travel delays threaten to ruin it all. I wouldn’t say I hate it…more likely dread it!

  30. Terry Smith Says:

    wow a woody

  31. George Hogetvedt Says:

    the crowded shopping malls

  32. Dave Moore Says:

    getting together with friends and relatives.

  33. matt sisak Says:

    placing lights on the Christmas tree

  34. Terry Story Says:

    All of the angst about gifting!

  35. richard wiggins Says:

    I will listen for santa claus

  36. T. Gibbons Says:

    My least favorite part of the holidays is being away from oldest son and my granddaughter. I always stress over finding the perfect gifts, when the best gift I ever received was having them.

  37. William Brown Says:

    Taking down the decorations!

  38. Dan Says:

    The emphasis on shopping/consumerism.

  39. Larry Whaley Says:

    My least favorite part of the holidays is I am reminded by memories of my adult relatives coming to our home and were allowed to play as rough and hard as they desired with the few gifts I received (we had little, plus my new step dad who was just 10 years older than me, was trying to fit in with my relatives who were older by laughing when they ran my new wind up railroad engine off the end of the tracks trying, but missing, to catch it before it crashed to floor. I’m sorry if I have brought anyone down by this statement: The good news is my first son just recently said: “I wanted to raise my sons the way you raised us-you made every vacation we had revolve around us, your children; we have always known this about you, dad, and loved you for what you gave up for us”. I have more but cannot go on.
    Larry W.

  40. hcmensch Says:

    the winter weather …

  41. Sharon Deters Says:

    My least favorite thing is the crowds pushing and shoving and buying things just to be buying and people stealing.

  42. Greg Says:

    My least favorite part of the holidays is taking down the Christmas tree at the end of the season. One of these years I think we will turn it into a “last celebration of Christmas” event and make it a festive event.

  43. Jan Says:

    Putting away the Christmas decorations:(

  44. arc1111 Says:

    that it is snowing outside

  45. Jim K Says:

    My least favorite part is taking down the Christmas tree.

  46. Dana Says:

    Putting all the decorations away when it’s over.

  47. Tom Says:

    My least favorite part is not seeing family and friends that live far away.

  48. scott gogin Says:

    Wishing it was longer… with busy schedules it all goes by so fast… savior the moment!

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