World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014

And so has the distraction of trying to sneak watching and listening to the games (sorry Bob). The energy and the excitement for those of us that love the game of soccer (or futbol depending on what country you hail from) is palpable. For the next month Brazil, the host country for this year’s World Cup, will be the stage for some of the best soccer players in the world to showcase their skills for their country. Brazil and Croatia kicked off today with the opening game and there will be amazing soccer until mid-July. USA plays their first game June 16th!

There are ways to watch the games if you have internet access and access through your cable company or if you need to get stuff done, you may also be able to listen on the radio by trying your local ESPN Radio affiliate. If you are on the internet or have a mobile phone and want to listen, you can go to tuneIn’s website or download their app to your phone and search “FIFA World Cup” to find the game or you can go to ESPN Radio and find it there (they have an app as well).

We’d love to hear from you soccer lover’s out there. Tell us, who you are rooting for? Will the USA make it past the first round? Do you listen to soccer? Can’t wait to hear GOAAAAAAAAAL!

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