Graduation is one of the most thrilling days in a young adult’s life. It’s the start of college or a time to find the new job you worked so hard for. Graduation is truly an achievement to be proud of.

All of us at C. Crane Company would like to congratulate the 2014 Graduates and their Families.

In celebration, a few of us at C. Crane shared our Graduation photos.


Upper Left: Carolyn oversees the Purchasing Department while multitasking Customer Service at C. Crane. Pictured are Carolyn and her mother. Carolyn graduated from Lake High School in Hartville, OH June, 5 1983. Upper Right: Kim works in the Processing Department and is a Customer Service representative. Kim graduated from El Cajon High School in 1979. Lower Left: Deanna is a Technical Assistant and Customer Service representative at C. Crane. Deanna graduated from Fortuna High School in 1980. Middle Right: Katie was one of C. Crane’s first employees. She oversees our Web Department and has experience in almost every department. Katie graduated from New Life Academy High School in 1984. Bottom Right: Jessyca oversees the Advertising Department and is a Customer Service representative. Jessyca graduated from Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa, CA in June, 2004.