Flashback Friday – Fridenbach Bros Building

A couple of old pictures of Friedenbach Bros. Mercantile on Main Street in Fortuna CA before it was the C. Crane Shipping Building.

Freidenbach Store

Friedenbach Brother merchantile store located on the corner of Main Street and 10th Fortuna, California. Notice the horse drawn carriage

Freidenbach Store

Friedenback Brothers Store Main Street Fortuna, California. C Crane is now located in the Friedenback Store. The store to the left was Ben Franklin’s Variety Store also known as the “nickel and dime store.

Photos Provided By Old Photo Guy – Check out his site, he has some really fantastic photographs. Photos may not be copied or redistributed without permission from owner.

3 Responses to “Flashback Friday – Fridenbach Bros Building”

  1. Belva Howard Says:

    I only remember that my sister had a pleasant job with Friedenbachs when she was in her teens. I was 12 yrs younger and remember their Daughter Patricia
    getting me in trouble for something she did and I was removed from my much
    loved Spanish Class. I think I got over it tho.
    She was a very adorable child. My sister loved her and spoiled her. I love
    viewing the picts of long ago of their store. Really pleased to find them on the internet

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