C. Crane’s 30 Year Anniversary- 30 Days of Giveaways, Day 4!

Thank each and every one of you for all the wonderful comments! We have really enjoyed reading all of them.

49 Responses to “C. Crane’s 30 Year Anniversary- 30 Days of Giveaways, Day 4!”

  1. Bill Padden, W1MDL Says:

    I would ask W1AW, Hiram Percy Maxim “What do you you think of the 21st Century Ham Radio Technology today?

  2. Mike Schneider Says:

    Love the CC SW Pocket. It’s great for working in the backyard or traveling. The reception is very good for it’s size, and the battery life in exceptional.

  3. Ed Strnad Says:

    I would love to ask Tom Edison what he thinks about the state of technology… Would he be surprised to see his incandescent lamps in use, or acknowledge the efficiency of LEDs? What would he think of high definition television, or an iPhone? I’m sure he’d have plenty to say!

  4. Randy Falls Says:

    Still looking for a new radio name? Maybe name a radio (or two) after the classic radio shows we grew up with causing us to want a better radio to be sure we could hear them?

  5. Peter Oliva Says:

    I’d like to have Marconi over for a nice home cooked Italian meal and a good long chat about what he, (if he were around today) would have in store for the radio buff given his proclivity as an imaginative creator of the magic box! It’d be a night to remember!

  6. William Bown Says:

    I would like to ask Jack Parr about the way talk shows are conducted these days. Each one tries to outdo the other with their own agenda.

  7. Joseph Says:

    Love my internet Radio would like to see it tied in with Sirius for the best of both

  8. Joseph Kearley Says:

    I would like to talk to E H Armstrong to find out his comments on todays space travel. Armstrong helped prove radio waves would travel through space. He build the receiver when radar was used to bounce radio waves off the moon.

  9. CarolAnne Says:

    Your selection is the Best! My husband & I love radio and shop here when we need one or two or a gift… : )

  10. Ron Georgi Says:

    On my 3 rd CC Radio. We live in a remote area with no TV. C Crain products keep us in touch with the out side world. Thanks

  11. Helen Anderson Says:

    I would like to ask George Orwell if the name of his book should be changed from 1984 to 2013.

  12. Scott W. Says:

    I would interview Tesla. I think he would have a lot to say about technology today!

  13. Rob Says:

    I would love to interview David Letterman. I understand he is a big listener of Shortwave Radio — would love to hear his perspectives on radio vs. TV.

    I love love love my CCrane pocket am/fm – I listen every night as I fall asleep. I would love another to listen to downstairs. Nice work!

  14. Loretta Scott Says:

    happy anniversary crane co–I love your radios 🙂

  15. Andy Hewitt Says:

    I am new to ham and shortwave radio and its all very interesting!

  16. Sherman Baggett Says:

    I would have a talk with Author C Clark; Mr Clark proposed a workable solution for geostationary satellites in 1945. I have been in the satellite industry nfor over 40 years and would be very interested to hear his comments about the growth of a world wide industry that started from his idea.

  17. Julie Mendelsohn Says:

    If possible, I’d love to interview Art Bell to see if he honestly believes in many of the subjects discussed on Coast to Coast. Sometimes it feels like many of the radio hosts we hear on the air as of late don’t believe half of what they claim to believe.

  18. Casey Says:

    I would interview Jack Phillips and Harold Bride, the wireless operators on board the Titanic on her ill-fated voyage. Hearing their account of that night would be riveting!

  19. Nick Myers Says:

    I would ask Elvis, what happened? Love my “CC Witness” it’s the best! …and my “CC Radio 2E” is an awesome home radio. It really is! Thanks CC.

  20. Timm Says:

    I have a CC Solar, band a pocket radio. I’ll be listening to the Razorbacks on one of them tonight!


    Congratulations CCrane! I bought the CCRadio-SW AM/FM Shortwave Radio about a year ago, this radio is perfect for AM reception. I recomended this radio for any AM lover. Great product.
    CCrane is a company with a great future. I looking to buy the new CCRadio 2E. Guys you’re a great company with exceptional costumer services. I love heard ESPN (Spanish) Here in New England CCrane Rule!!!
    Felicidades CCrane. Excelente Company!!!


  22. Steve Says:

    Congrats on 30 years.
    Here’s to 30 more!

  23. Jon Gonzales Says:

    Internet Radio reminds me of my younger days of turning the dial on the old shortwave. You can listen to the world.

  24. Terry Fischer Says:

    I would like to ask Dr. Jack Kruse for more clarification of EMF issues and how the proper light bulbs and electronics could be developed to decrease or shield EMFs in the home.

  25. John Christ Says:

    I have many products from C Crane and have really enjoyed them. Sangean DT-400 and the ATS 818cs are two that I have used every day for many years with great results. My Select-a-Tenna helps bring in stations all the way from Seattle to Los Angeles each morning.

  26. Barbra Says:

    I would like to meet and chat with Nikola Tesla. He was very integral to the business of C. Crane. I would ask if he had ideas that are now being implemented with the great creators of devices to amuse, warn and inform mankind in an individual manner.

  27. Mark Sommers Says:

    Thank you Bob, friends and Family for (in my case), 26 years of great communications ! thanks for listening.

    Mark , San Diego

  28. Steve Egnatchik Says:

    Loved Just about everything I ever bought. Especially my
    CC Solar Observer! I bought one for my son for Christmas.
    I was house sitting for him last Month (August 2013) mainly taking care of his pups and exotic
    reptiles. I was supposed to bring in his tortoises after dark as they were being eaten otherwise.
    It was dark when I arrived. I reached for his plugged-in rechargeable flash light. It was not in the charger.
    I remembered the CC Solar Observer in closet. I took it out of the box cranked it up. turned on the LED and found all the
    endangered tortoises even one that had buried himself in the soil. Thanks again CCrane!

  29. David L. Says:

    Happy 30th – doesn’t seem that long.

  30. Louis Cizek Says:

    I would ask the Creator: “WHY do we DRIVE on the PARKway, And PARK on the DRIVEway”?!?!?!? **YIKES**!?! (Very Confusing)…

  31. Paul W. Eichenberger Says:

    I would love to visit Nikola Tesla and his labs during his most creative period and ask, “How do such wildly inventive ideas come to you?”

  32. Gale Says:

    I have come to Love my CCrane Emergency Radio. It had saved our familys life. Live in Central NY and June 28th had my radio on NOAA. The power went out and emergency broadcast went on. We had a disaster occurring. Lights and Power out and a cellar with 5 feet of water and rising. Lost everything but we are safe. At this time still cleaning up and costly repairs. If I could own another radio with this radio it would be the CCRane 2 with the Ham operators. Bridges were falling, roads closed and we needed to evacuate due to a elder family member who could not stay in these conditions. Won’t be able to buy any CCrane soon as have to get the nec. of life before winter. But that must be a heck of a radio as there were many using the ham radio during this time. But a CCRane Emergency Radio as you never know when you’ll need it. I even powered my phone. Electricity and gas out 5 days.

  33. Admin Says:

    My Mother – I love you. Can you hear me?

  34. Admin Says:

    Ask my mother – Hi mom, do you like my new radio? It is a CCrane!

  35. Anthony R. Says:

    I really enjoy your products. I’ve had a couple great ones over the years! Although, my display went out on the ccradio plus about a year and a half ago, and the pre-sets began to re-set themselves. The reception was great, and it’s been beside the bedside for over a decade. I’m evaluating your new products, for an upgraded purchase. Gotta love Art Bell for turning me on to you guys, back in 1998!

  36. Alan Wilson Says:

    I’d like to talk with Nick Tesla. I think he was a genius and that would just prove it to me..Alan Wilson

  37. ke4nu Says:

    I’d love to interview Nick Tesla as I considered him to have been the ultimate genius for his time. Did he really invent a death ray?

  38. Charles Says:

    My favorite is the CC SW Pocket radio.
    I first listened to SW broadcasts over 30 years ago. I wish the big broadcasters would beam to North America once again.

  39. Kenna Reed Says:

    I would like to interview Abraham Lincoln to ask him if he could have a do-over, is there was anything he would have done differently?

  40. Steve Pratt Says:

    My favorite product remains the FREEPLAY radio. Some of the best money I ever spent. The darn thing just keeps on running; electric or solar (the crank mechanism broke years ago).

  41. Sheila Says:

    Would love for the CC Pocket to have wifi 🙂
    I would be over the moon!!!!

  42. Morris Seal Says:

    I would ask each parent to support, educate and love their children each and every day; for if we have a strong family we will have a strong America. Then I think we can influence the rest of the world the benefits of doing the same.

  43. Richard Beal Says:

    I would ask Donald Trump, do you think you are smarter than Merv Griffin?

  44. Peter Regehr Says:

    I would be most interested in the response of Alexander Graham Bell, when I handed him my iPhone, & asked him if he ever imagined wireless telephones as a possibility after he invented wired telephone communication?

  45. Bob Aubry Says:

    Congrats on 30 years! We are also celebrating our 30th year in business, http://www.mssinc.com computer network managed services provider. Very pleased C. Crane customer over many years, CC Radio, CC Radio2, antennas and more.
    Bob Aubry
    Main Street Software

  46. David Stewart Says:

    The book I picked is Ronald Quan’s ‘Build Your Own Transistor Radios’. I would read it on my deck with my MK484 based receiver and do some DXing while thinking about the next radio project to build.

  47. Tom Martens Says:

    I love your products and keep up the good work!

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