It’s Officially Summer – Time to Travel!


Summer solstice was June 21st and we hope you were able to enjoy the long hours of daylight (and maybe some sunshine too). With summer comes travel. Whether you’re chasing sunshine or trying to get away from the heat, we have some ideas of essential items for your traveling:

CC Spot XB LED Spotlight – Even if you’re only traveling a few hours this light is perfect for changing a tire or finding the spot for your RV hookups. It’s bright, easy to hold, runs a long time on standard C batteries and has a kickstand for stability if you need it.

C. Zimmerman says Sturdy and powerful spotlight  “This is a very powerful spotlight that is well built but lightweight. I took it out and compared it to an incredibly bright 750 Lumen flashlight I have, and this has to be at least 100 Lumens on the bright setting. It lights up a large are to make it look like the sun came out. I don’t think you will be disappointed with this spotlight.”

CC Skywave Radio – This has become a favorite for those who want all the various communications and functionality with good reception in a small size and the weather alert comes in VERY handy if you’re traveling in areas with unpredictable weather.

N. Rosas says Perfect travel radio “This is the perfect radio for travel. I’ve had several, and this is the best. I tend to go to the same places, so the page memory feature is great for saving stations by location. The lighted display is a great feature. I would recommend this radio.”

Senta Ally Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker – There’s nothing better than being able to play your own tunes! Works with your iPhone™, Android ™, or any Bluetooth device or you can plug it in directly from any line out or earphone jack using the included stereo patch-cord.

TD says My 2014 favorite gadget of the year! “I use it pretty much every day. By following the instructions it paired easily with my iphone. Once I started using it, I realized it also paired wonderfully with my CC Witness. I record radio programs all week with the CC Witness using sandisk cards (the witness is able to screen out hours of commercials if you program the timers). I can play the disks in either unit at my convenience. I also use it to play The CBS Radio Mystery Theater, episodes that are available for free download on the internet, the voices are crisp and easy to listen to with the Senta. Navigation is a little tricky, but once I got the hang of it, its very simple. Also pairs great with the pillow speaker!“

And for those of you who struggle with WiFi at campgrounds, RV parks or hotels – the CC Vector Systems are a great solution for extending WiFi to multiple devices or the Super USB WiFi antenna is great for a single Windows Computer.

B. Freeman says Exceeded My Expectations “We travel full time in a motor home. Often RV Park WiFi is weak or unable to connect. This ‘kit’ makes it strong and stable and fast. Super easy to use and setup. Couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Whatever your travel plans are this summer – stay safe and make some amazing memories! If you missed it before, and your AM listening is leaving a lot to be desired with all that daylight – check out the tips on our blog.

Tell us your summer plans in the comments below and be entered to win a Senta Ally Bluetooth Speaker. Drawing will be held July 3rd. Please only one entry per person.

Congratulations Julie Horner winner of the Senta Ally Bluetooth Speaker!

Give The Gift of Great Audio with our Portable Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker – The Senta Ally

Carolyn's niece performing her hula hoop routine with the Senta Ally Portable Speaker.

Carolyn’s niece performing her hula hoop routine with the Senta Ally Portable Speaker. Photos are copyrighted and cannot be used without consent of the owner.


With Father’s Day fast approaching and graduations for college and high school taking place around the world, we’ve been wrestling with what to give as a gift. We thought we’d share a personal story from our very own Carolyn, that elevated her to the “coolest Aunt” status and could possibly elevate you to a “cool” relative status as well.

Carolyn gave her niece the Senta Ally Portable Speaker as a gift: “My 19 year old niece is a drama major and enjoys going to street performances with friends in her home town.  She does a light-up hula hoop routine to music and puts on quite a show.  I sent her a Senta Ally last Christmas because she complained that hauling a radio around to play the songs on her phone was heavy and inconvenient.  She was thrilled that the Ally connects to her phone by Bluetooth, and that it’s so small and lightweight.  The volume is loud enough for sidewalk crowds to hear, and the audio quality gives her performance a pro feel.  I now have unchallenged “coolest aunt” status thanks to the Senta Ally Bluetooth® Speaker.”

The Senta Ally is a great sounding speaker and an excellent value for the money. See the Senta Ally in action and how easy it is to pair with your smart phone or Bluetooth® device. For other gift ideas click here.  We also have a great series on selecting the right speaker system for you .


Carolyn's niece with her Ally and Smart Phone.

Carolyn’s niece with her Ally and Smart Phone. Photos are copyrighted and cannot be used without consent of the owner.












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