Gift Guide for Dads and Grads


Tis the season to shop for some of the most important people in your life. Your dad (or husband) – the man you can never figure out what to buy for since he’s already bought everything for himself. Your graduating child or grandchild who thinks the world of you but may not share your taste in gifts….

We have some ideas to help you find the perfect gift.

An emergency radio that has a built in flashlight – what a great way to show you care. Make sure that they have what they need in the event of an emergency. Everyone thinks their cell phones replace a good radio nowadays, but we’ve learned (in some cases the hard way) that this just isn’t true. All circuits busy anyone? Phone died and the power is out, and your car is floating down the river? We’ve heard stories like this, and more, where radio is the only way they know what’s going on – and the CC Solar Observer can charge most cell phones.

The Senta Ally Bluetooth speaker with FM Radio is always well received – We can’t tell you how many employees here have given these as gifts to their dads, siblings and graduating family members. This speaker has a very broad appeal and is really easy to use. They are in work shops, on kitchen counters, and out in the garden. The only limitation is your smartphone’s apps or your playlist. It also has a replaceable, rechargeable battery.

Have a gardener in your life? Get them the garden noise blocking headphones – This may be more geared for dads, although Jessica’s younger brother has found great use for this with his smartphone in the wood shop. The planer is just too loud! Bob’s gardener uses the kit with our CC Pocket radio regularly while weed eating out in the yard.

The Super WiFi Repeater System will allow anyone looking to extend the distance from their router by repeating the signal. Great for apartment complexes and dorm rooms where the signal might not be so great or for offices in the back of the house that are too far away from the router.

If you’re in a house where your political views (especially this election year) and thus taste in talk show hosts are as far apart as you being a vegetarian and him being a cattle rancher, a pillow speaker could be your best investment ever. We can’t help you with your differences in the kitchen, but this lovely little piece of equipment allows him to listen to his preferred stations in bed, and you don’t have to hear it. It also works great for audio books.

Still not sure what to buy? A gift certificate allows for them to pick whatever they prefer.

If you need any help with a recommendation, please call us and we’d love to help you pick out the best gift for your loved one.

Tell us – what’s the best or worst Father’s Day or Graduation gift you’ve ever received?


Give The Gift of Great Audio with our Portable Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker – The Senta Ally

Carolyn's niece performing her hula hoop routine with the Senta Ally Portable Speaker.

Carolyn’s niece performing her hula hoop routine with the Senta Ally Portable Speaker. Photos are copyrighted and cannot be used without consent of the owner.


With Father’s Day fast approaching and graduations for college and high school taking place around the world, we’ve been wrestling with what to give as a gift. We thought we’d share a personal story from our very own Carolyn, that elevated her to the “coolest Aunt” status and could possibly elevate you to a “cool” relative status as well.

Carolyn gave her niece the Senta Ally Portable Speaker as a gift: “My 19 year old niece is a drama major and enjoys going to street performances with friends in her home town.  She does a light-up hula hoop routine to music and puts on quite a show.  I sent her a Senta Ally last Christmas because she complained that hauling a radio around to play the songs on her phone was heavy and inconvenient.  She was thrilled that the Ally connects to her phone by Bluetooth, and that it’s so small and lightweight.  The volume is loud enough for sidewalk crowds to hear, and the audio quality gives her performance a pro feel.  I now have unchallenged “coolest aunt” status thanks to the Senta Ally Bluetooth® Speaker.”

The Senta Ally is a great sounding speaker and an excellent value for the money. See the Senta Ally in action and how easy it is to pair with your smart phone or Bluetooth® device. For other gift ideas click here.  We also have a great series on selecting the right speaker system for you .


Carolyn's niece with her Ally and Smart Phone.

Carolyn’s niece with her Ally and Smart Phone. Photos are copyrighted and cannot be used without consent of the owner.












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