What we’re listening to — well this time it’s not actually a show, it’s a tool to help you find shows to listen to

Listen Notes

The Best Podcast Search EngineTM. It’s like Google, but for podcasts.

This is THE BEST place to find any kind of podcast you want to listen to. No more scrolling through the internet trying to find something new or trying to navigate multiple apps an platforms to listen to a show or host.

You can search and find any kind of podcast, there hasn’t been one yet that someone here at C. Crane listens to that we haven’t been able to find. It doesn’t care about platform (like iTunes, PodcastOne, Stitcher, or Patreon, etc). , or format or if you’ve subscribed or any of that – it will display the different ways you can listen when you click the search results.

You can create your own list – create an account and you can create a playlist. You can choose whether this is public, private or create different playlists like Work, Personal, Fitness, Finance, etc. so it makes sense to you.

You can find out What’s trending

or Who’s listening to what right now

You can ask for recommendations for podcasts that are similar to something you enjoy already.

Best, Hot, Curated and Interviews will take you to different lists based on different criteria.

They even have classifieds where podcasters can find co-hosts, guests, sponsors and cross-promotion opportunities.

And if for some crazy reason the podcast you enjoy isn’t listed – you can add it.

We think the FAQs in the about us is worth taking a look at as well  

Listen Notes was birthed out of a personal need. I’m an avid podcast listener. I listen to 5+ hours podcasts every day. However, even when I subscribed to only 10 or so podcasts in the past, I still couldn’t listen to every single episode. Besides, not all episodes are worth hearing. I longed for a tool that allowed me to search across plenty of podcast episodes surrounding a specific topic, without the need to subscribe, scrub, and scroll through hours of audio.

The bad news was that I couldn’t find a good podcast search tool in early 2017. The good news is that I know how to write code.

Listen Notes began as a side project. It is yet another “I can build this in a weekend“-ish project. But the more I work on Listen Notes, the more I’m convinced that podcasting has a bright future — and Listen Notes may play an important role in the podcast movement.  Wenbin Fang

This tool makes exploring the new world of podcasting so much more enjoyable!

Do you listen to podcasts? If not, why? If so, what platform are you using? iTunes, iHeart, Stitcher, etc.?