Super Bowl Game – How and Where You Can Listen

If television iSuper Bowl XLIXs not on your agenda for Sunday, you can still find a way to listen to Super Bowl XLIX.

Ideally, your local AM and FM stations should have the game available. Your favorite local personality may even have commentary on the big game with highlights and play by plays that differ from what’s broadcast on television. For your convenience, Westwood One (a radio syndication company) put together a station finder that will be offering the broadcast.

Local radio will not be the only ones hosting the game. Internet radio will also have a plethora of Super Bowl commentary available. For example ESPN Radio will have broadcasts all week, Super Week Live. These will include greats like Mike & Mike, The Herd and Dan Le Batard (link for each host). These will be commentary and not actual game broadcasts, due to licensing rights. It will be difficult to find a streaming version of the game outside of Westwood One.

You may also be able to find a stream here at

Additional radio coverage that will likely include a variety of pre-game and post-game shows can be found for the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.

Here are some great game day recipes (we know you must be hungry now 🙂

Fire on Main Street in Fortuna, California

Early this morning a fire broke out on Main st. resulting in several businesses losing their buildings. Fortunately it was early, so no one was injured. We are a small community of about 10,000 and something like this affects everyone. It is truly devastating and heartbreaking. These are our friends that own these businesses and they employ other friends and even family members. One of our own staff is a volunteer firefighter and another’s husband is as well so this really hits home. Our shipping parking lot is blocked off to allow access for the fire trucks and we sent our shipping department home just because the air quality isn’t that great. Below are some pictures from nearby.


Photo by Sean Sullivan

Main St Fire 6AM

Photo Jessyca Martinez

Main Street Fire 6AM

Photo Jessyca Martinez

Smoke from the highway

Smoke from the Highway – Photo by Lisa Wilson

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Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Forces2015 the past several days, you’ve probably been reading, watching and hearing about all the latest, greatest stuff at CES. For the first time in at least 20 years, C. Crane was not in attendance as an attendee or an exhibitor. When you’re a small company like ours it’s tough to justify the expense of a trip like that unless you have something really groundbreaking – and although we continue to find radio groundbreaking, the super tech at CES don’t necessarily concur.

These days it seems you’re better off reaching out directly to the folks you want to meet up and work with rather than trying to carve out a space in that crazy overcrowded place (not to mention nursing the blisters on your feet and trying to get the cigarette smell out of your clothes). Apparently, we weren’t alone in our decision as we’ve learned Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and several others that have been keystone exhibitors in the past were not in attendance this year.

So what was really at CES? Well, it appears to depend on who you ask. Some folks that we know in the media, said that there was a lot of the same old stuff, or anything that was new had a competitor with a duplicate right down the lane.

CNet has their take here.

Jonathan Takiff at Philadelphia News gives a quick rundown on their favorite 10.

Gizmag always pulls out some unique ones. I can’t lie the LG dual washer is intriguing for a mom who does A LOT of laundry.

PopSci found the Huh? list.

It sounds like all in all, change is coming to the way you watch TV (if you watch it) and maybe you’ll be “wearing” some tech” besides your pocket radio in the near future. So let us know are you going to wear tech gear or do you already? Would you let your car drive you? What’s your favorite “new” technology? What might make radio groundbreaking or new enough for CES?

Tips for Improving Your WiFi Reception


Relocate your  wireless router to the middle of your house. This is the most effective way to maximize your home WiFi coverage. If you have DSL or cable internet then it is likely that you have several other cable or telephone jacks in your house. Any one of these jacks can be used to connect your modem/router. It is not necessary to move your computer; just add a WiFi adapter to it for wireless communication.





Position the antennas on your router vertically. Although they can be positioned at various angles, your best results for covering larger areas will be vertical positioning. The reason for this is because the signal pattern is not a bubble but is flat like a pancake.  If the antenna is placed at a 45 degree angle then most of the beam pattern will be pointed at the ground and roof.



Elevate your WiFi router off the floor or a metal surface. For best reception, place the router on a wood table or desk. For even better reception, place two or three of those old encyclopedias under your router. WiFi can usually pass through soft materials like books and wood without too much trouble.


WIFI 4Reposition dense obstructions in your home so that your routers WiFi signal path can reach your WiFi device. Some common household obstructions include mirrors, metal filing cabinets, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and furniture. Basically anything metal, brick, stucco, porcelain, tile, or hardwood will hinder or stop WiFi. Foil covered insulation will also stop WiFi.



Move or shield interfering devices that use the same frequency as WiFi. Most people don’t realize that they are experiencing interference on their WiFi network because it is still operational. Interference can reduce the speed or momentarily pause WiFi network communications. Some common causes of interference are microwave ovens, baby monitors, laptop-pic2_001cord less handsets, Bluetooth devices, garage door openers, fluorescent lights, and bad electrical connections.

One possible solution is to change your router channel. It is better to remove the interfering device completely but this is not always a practical solution. In this case try moving the interfering device as far away from your WiFi equipment as possible. You can also try shielding the device using aluminum foil or a metal sheet.

For more information to Improve WiFi or if you have any other questions, please contact us.