Why the CCRadio-EP Was Built – by Bob Crane

The CCRadio-EP was built for my mother. I asked her one day if she was enjoying her CCRadioPlus digital radio I gave her. With a little prodding she looked at me in a way only a mother can and she said: “I don’t like all the buttons”. About six months later, a customer came in the store in a focused rush and asked for a radio “without all the buttons… just a regular radio”. I knew at that moment we had to build the EP. It would seem like building a simple AM/FM analog radio without all the bells and whistles would be a simple process, but in reality sometimes it’s making something simple that is the most difficult. It was 6+ years and several meetings, revisions and trips to the manufacturers to get this radio right.

Now back to my mother. I know she is smart. She drove safely until she was over 90 and she still continues to watercolor on a limited basis. She did not start painting until she was well into her 80’s. The point is my mother did not want to spend her valuable time learning some sequence of buttons perpetrated by a somewhat insensitive electronics expert (namely me).

We’ve had a great response to this radio. One of the best was a call from a woman in charge of a music department at a university. She said she was prepared to get ripped off with the purchase of the CCRadio-EP but was wildly surprised at the audio quality alone.
If you’re looking for a simple radio with good performance at a reasonable price, the CCRadio-EP is an excellent choice.

Bob Crane

Watercolor painting by Irene Crane

Watercolor painting by Irene Crane

Flashback Friday – Fridenbach Bros Building

A couple of old pictures of Friedenbach Bros. Mercantile on Main Street in Fortuna CA before it was the C. Crane Shipping Building.

Freidenbach Store

Friedenbach Brother merchantile store located on the corner of Main Street and 10th Fortuna, California. Notice the horse drawn carriage

Freidenbach Store

Friedenback Brothers Store Main Street Fortuna, California. C Crane is now located in the Friedenback Store. The store to the left was Ben Franklin’s Variety Store also known as the “nickel and dime store.

Photos Provided By Old Photo Guy – Check out his site, he has some really fantastic photographs. Photos may not be copied or redistributed without permission from owner.

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

This is one of the first C. Crane Catalogs ever printed in 1992. Featured on the cover is the Select-A-Tenna and the Sangean 803A.

C. Crane Catalog printed in 1992 with the Select-A-Tenna and Sangean 803A

April is Earthquake Preparedness Month, Are You Ready for the “Big One”?

A two story house collapses during a 6.2 magnitude earthquake

A two story house collapses during a 6.2 magnitude earthquake

As I just drifted off to sleep that Sunday evening, suddenly I heard the wine rack rattling and felt the bed shaking and shifting. I quickly sat up and yelled to my husband “We are having an earthquake!” He calmly said “It’s ok. It will be over soon.” The light fixture continued to sway at least another 45 seconds after it was over. It wasn’t the “Big One” but it was a 6.9 and shook us pretty good. To my amazement the earthquake that struck on March 9th, 2014 didn’t cause severe damage to us here in Humboldt County.

California is not the only state that has the potential of being hit by the “Big One”. This past March Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming was rocked by a 4.8, followed by several aftershocks with magnitudes ranking over 3.0. This past Saturday, April 12th, Oklahoma was hit with over 48 earthquakes larger than a 2.5 magnitude. That same day Idaho was also shook by a 4.9.

These states aren’t the only ones being “rattled”. Chile was struck by a devastating 6.7 quake on March 16th that caused major damage. More than 100,000 people had to briefly evacuate their homes.

The destruction of an earthquake is shocking and not something that can be avoided. You may even think your state, city or town will never see a quake. However, earthquakes are becoming more common and everyone should be prepared for when a catastrophe occurs.

Here are some useful tips for preparing for an Earthquake:
• Create a preparedness kit that will last for (at the very least) 72 hours. Include canned foods, water, a radio, flashlights, batteries, blankets, clothing and shoes, a first aid kit, money, a pipe wrench for turning off the gas and water, and specialty items such as medications, infant food and pet food.

• Know the safest places in each room of your home, such as under a sturdy table or against walls.

• Know the most dangerous places in each room to avoid, such as near windows, mirrors, fireplaces or near any hanging objects.

• Create a plan for where your family will meet if separated during an earthquake.

• Secure your water heater by strapping it to wall studs.

• Know where the gas and water valves are and how to shut them off.

Below are some additional links to information that may help you and your loved ones be prepared. http://www.calema.ca.gov/NewsandMedia/Pages/Current%20News%20and%20Events/Earthquake-Preparedness.aspx




Flashback Friday

This is a photo of the Original Staff of C. Crane in 1991 at the original C. Crane headquarters in Fortuna, California.

Pictured above: Bob Crane, Sue Crane, Grandma Faye, Katie Kennard, Sue Long, Don Allen and Simon the dog

Pictured above: Bob Crane, Sue Crane, Grandma Faye, Katie Kennard, Sue Long, Don Allen and Simon the dog

How has nationalization of radio affected you or your local radio stations?

On the air?

Live and local or Nationalized?

There was a recent detailed blog post by Edison Research President Larry Rosin that discussed how programming strategies for American commercial radio is changing the face of radio. We know this isn’t news to you and we have experienced it as well. Many of you have told us about getting “news” that is from a town 2 hours a way or a metro area that has no relationship or knowledge of your town. Sometimes it is a format change from News Talk to News Information where there may still be local talent but they aren’t necessarily hosting a show. Other times it’s a full-fledged change where there is no or minimal local staff and that person has little to no influence on the success or failure of the station or what is being broadcast.

One of his points that is interesting, is will this be a boon to stations that actually keep and develop true live and local talent? Is that a selling point for advertisers? Is that a listener loyalty point – would you be more likely to listen to live local talent or do you prefer the syndication or is there a happy medium?


Flashback Friday- Old Time Radio

Do you remember listening to your favorite radio shows on a radio, like this one below, in the “good ol’ days”?

Old Time Radio shows still play an important role for many of us radio fans. Did you know that Old Time Radio shows are still available on Internet radio? Internet Radios host many stations that play a variety of OTR shows. The shows are available with perfect clarity and no interferences; it will bring you right back to the good ol’ days!
Would you listen to an Old Time Radio show on an Internet Radio?

For more information about internet radio click here: http://www.woodenradio.com/internet-radio.aspx   https://news.ccrane.com/2012/09/26/pros-and-cons-of-wifi-and-internet-radio/


Do you remember listening to your favorite radio shows on a radio just like this one in the “good ole’ days”?

Do you remember listening to your favorite radio shows on a radio just like this one in the “good ole’ days”?

Play Ball!

Play Ball!

Monday was opening day of Major League Baseball season. For those of you who are serious baseball fans, we know you’ve been waiting since the end of last season for this day. Facebook is being lit up with longstanding personal rivalries between friends. Families have once again divided into their respective baseball camps with t-shirts and gear.

C. Crane always receives calls at this time of year for people trying to get the right radio to listen to the games. They want to make sure they don’t miss a game. Locally, the majority of fans fall into two camps. We have die-hard San Francisco Giants fans or Oakland Athletics fans. Mix that in with the LA Dodgers fans and it’s quite a group. There are many calls from people who are getting a pocket radio to take to a game so they can hear the radio play by play.

With all of the technology available, radio still has a place. From what we hear, it’s because of the local talent and on-air personalities. That’s not to mention the well-known “voices” that call the game. One of the program managers explained it to me like this. If you’re in Boston, are a Red Sox fan and you call into the sports show to compare today’s pitcher to a pitcher from 30 years ago, it doesn’t work to have a guy who used to be a broadcaster in San Francisco and is a Giants fan. The caller wants to talk to a guy who was at the game, or whose dad was at the game where there is a direct connection.

We know you love these guys so tell us – who is your favorite baseball broadcaster or your favorite team?


Baseball has begun!

Baseball has begun!